Ever dreamed of going to a grand slam? Well now you can!

Tennis Monsters are hosting a trip to the next Australian Open 2020!

We are exclusively inviting Juniors within the Tennis Monsters family initially. Those that are being coached or play at one of the clubs Tennis Monsters are affiliated with.

Selection will be the final decision of the Tennis Monsters coaches, but we are looking for enthusiastic tennis players at a good standard, wanting to improve their tennis.

Preferably players will be playing interclub, going to regular tournaments and school competitions.

Players should be over 10 years of age (however we would consider younger players if they show a real desire) up to the age of 16 years. Parents are also welcome to come, however are asked to pay their own way.

We are offering this opportunity at the beginning of the year so parents have enough time to budget for the trip. The expected cost is yet to be confirmed, but once known a pay-off plan will be made available.

There will be a strictly limited amount of children selected and they will represent Tennis Monsters in both the performance academy and the selected tournament.

The offer will go out to Tennis Monsters families first, and if there is not enough children/parent responses, than it will be offered further afield.

In the first instance an email back to alicia@tennismonsters.com to express your interest, where names will be put down on a registration list.